So some stupid study says that abstinence only education may postpone sexual activity blah blah blah. Just from reading the article, this all seems very sketchy. For instance, you don’t find out until the second page of the article that the abstinence-only programs weren’t advocating waiting until marriage: they were advocating waiting until someone is READY. And I mean, that’s great. I also think it’s suspect that the study only followed students for two years after the program, and the level of condom usage that “wasn’t negatively impacted” was only measured in those students who DID have sex in the two years following the abstinence program. When all those other kids have sex, I bet the sex is a little less safe.

But of course, dear reader, my central issue remains the same: why is our priority trying to make people wait as long as possible before they have sex? WHO CARES! Have sex, all of you! Or don’t! If you aren’t ready! Do whatever you want! Just think about it first. Can we have that kind of education? “Thinking first-only Education”. Sign me up! I could use more thinking first tips even now in my (ridiculous) dating life.


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