“As Fun Buddies come in all shapes and sizes, and you do an incredible amount of bonking, we thought it’d be fun to show you some positions that you and your Fun Buddy can try out tonight!”

This website is great. It has actors acting out simulations of a buncha weird sex positions. The great part is that the main purpose of it is just to show you how different positions work with different body types. So if you’re a tiny little person, and you want to see if you can try the “Lotus Kneeling” position with your gigantic boyfriend, check this website first (and no, the outcome on that particular combination and position is not looking promising). I just love watching these videos. The actors are unselfconscious and, although they’re clearly having a great time, there’s nothing salacious or sleazy about it. It’s nice to see sex treated as something that isn’t that big of a deal, that a lot of different kinds of people can have in different ways. Even if this is an ad for a dating website or whatever.


One thought on “i.love.this.website.

  1. That’s AMAZING. My only wish is that you could pair actors of the same gender… Because that would be even more hours of fun 🙂

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