Tips for Single Ladies

The holiday season is approaching. You ladies with boyfriends are going to have a great time. But for us single gals, Christmas only highlights how miserable and incomplete we are without boyfriends. I know, it’s so hard! Try not to kill yourself on New Year’s Eve when you have no one to kiss. I hope your mom at least sends you a present. And make your New Year’s resolutions QUICKLY. 2010: the year you finally find your future husband! You could also probably stand to lose a few pounds. Just saying. Anyway, to expedite the process of finding a man to support you and make you happy, here is a list of tips to help you sad singletons. They’re from 1938, but they are STILL RELEVANT.


One thought on “Tips for Single Ladies

  1. ha! now put that good advice to work, ladiez – Karl Rove was just granted a divorce, and is back on the open market.

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