how pedophilia lost its cool

I have a paper due yesterday, and so I’ve been busying myself not writing it.  I think professors can get too haughty, having every one of their students turning in things when they demand.  I like to help keep a check on that.

NYTimes has a great blog called Idea of the Day.  Really, it’s the cat’s meow.

Today’s piece is “how pedophilia lost its cool.”  Anyway, it’s quick and it’s got everything you want from a blog piece: a swanky graphic, a provocative topic, a shout-out to NAMBLA, and a link to an article entitled, “Mr. Ed is Still Funny.”

I will try to write more on this when I have time to cry and scream with appropriate fervor, but when I tried that yesterday in the library, everyone got angry.


One thought on “how pedophilia lost its cool

  1. oh sara how i missed you 🙂 this was very interesting…

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