Rachel Maddow Just Said ‘Dude’

Since recently subscribing to Queerty on my google reader, I’m suddenly very up-to-date on all of the queer goings-on in the world, and, let me tell you, it’s depressing as all hell. Maybe it’s just recently, but the marriage defeat in New York, the homo-killing bill in Uganda, and the constant onslaught of gay-bashing that happens in our own country, makes it really difficult, honestly, to ignore the fact that I’m a scapegoat for hatred all over the world, and to hide in my liberal bubble here. However, despite the inevitable depression that comes with keeping up to date on the news, once and a while the queers can claim a small victory:

How can anyone in her right mind believe this fool?? I mean, it’s just absurd how uninformed and unable to defend himself against his own ludicrous claims Cohen is. Maddow just beats down on him (I mean, look at her face when he speaks!), and he hardly has anything to say except that he’ll remove the quotes she highlights from his books. And the main proponents of the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda are using his cracked out ideas about ex-gay therapy to advocate their legislation, and he seems totally unphased! People are going to die if this passes, just for having the courage to stand up for themselves, and all he can do is sit there and grin like an idiot, weaving some tale or other about loving thy neighbor. I guess he thought he could advertise his services to Maddow’s gay following, but I can’t help but wonder if he knows how idiotic and unprofessional he seemed.

Oh, what’s that Richard? Oh, praying is a ridiculous way to “cure” people of their homosexuality, unlike the factors you list as causes for homosexual behavior, such as divorce and race. Yes, you did say race was a factor, even though you pretended to be oblivious to sentences you wrote in your own book. Don’t think I didn’t see your doofy smile fade when Maddow called you out on your bogus statistics and lack of professional licensing. Oh, oh, I see, you’re a victim of a hate crime because some patient of yours came out (ha!) about the rigmarole that pours from your mouth. I get it. It’s not like thousands of LGBTQ-identified people are killed and beaten daily because of people like you who insist it’s a choice. No, I feel sorry for you Richard, really, I do. You know why? Because I’m sure you’re terribly unhappy, and because you just got shut down by Rachel Maddow on live television.


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