I was on a retreat in Frost Valley, NY this weekend, and what really tickled me was HENRY THE HAND, their little mascot for hand washing. Little did I know that Henry had his own website and even a youtube video!

My favorite is at 1:25. Yes, children, remember to wash your hands when coming home from school, church, or the store, BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE ONLY PLACES GOOD CHILDREN GO!


I am also bewildered by the conception of H the H. In posters, he is washing his own little nubbins at the end of the thumb and pinky, but in the video he is washing his entire self? Can a hand have hands? WHAT IS GOING ON? Furthermore, what does it MEAN to purchase a hand puppet of Henry? Won’t that make my own hand like Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs”, wearing the lifeless skin of another hand over its own self? CLARIFY YOUR EXISTENCE, HENRY THE HAND!


(but seriously kids, hand washing is important. we could all learn a lesson from Henry.)

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