I was on a retreat in Frost Valley, NY this weekend, and what really tickled me was HENRY THE HAND, their little mascot for hand washing. Little did I know that Henry had his own website and even a youtube video!

My favorite is at 1:25. Yes, children, remember to wash your hands when coming home from school, church, or the store, BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE ONLY PLACES GOOD CHILDREN GO!


I am also bewildered by the conception of H the H. In posters, he is washing his own little nubbins at the end of the thumb and pinky, but in the video he is washing his entire self? Can a hand have hands? WHAT IS GOING ON? Furthermore, what does it MEAN to purchase a hand puppet of Henry? Won’t that make my own hand like Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs”, wearing the lifeless skin of another hand over its own self? CLARIFY YOUR EXISTENCE, HENRY THE HAND!


(but seriously kids, hand washing is important. we could all learn a lesson from Henry.)


Gabe Delahaye’s Criticism of “the View”

Listen guys. I have a really big crush on Gabe Delahaye*. I think he’s really funny. Whenever my blog posts seem funny, it’s pretty much just me ripping off Gabe Delahaye. He’s all over the internet but it’s likely that if you’ve heard of him, it’s because of his blog, Videogum. I won’t spend too much time recapping his post today, but I REALLY REALLY recommend you check it out. Gabe consistently points out racism, sexism, and homophobia in the media, and it should be no surprise that he has picked up on something Kind of Awful that I haven’t heard commented on.

So, stop reading this, and start reading that.


Sign the petition, send a coat hanger

Sarah’s done a great job of providing information for y’all about the recent blow to women’s rights in the form of the Stupak amendment (MORE LIKE STU-PID AMENDMENT, AMIRIGHT?).  I just wanted to let people know about this petition, which will send coat hangers to the twenty democrats (all men) who, normally pro-choice, voted in favor of the Stupak amendment. Coat hangers, a symbol of unsafe abortion practices, are meant to remind these former allies of what we may be facing if women’s access to reproductive health services is so impeded.

And now in just ten easy steps!

Ok, so I clearly have not stopped with the obsessive blog-perusal since yesterday, but I came across another post I’d like to share. I found this on my new favorite blog, Rage Against the Man-chine, and thought it to be extremely refreshing (and snarky!). Instead of blaming an assault victim for doing something wrong, let’s, perhaps, address the wrong-doings of the assaulter. Crazy, I know.

Man Marries Buffalo Wings

After a long string of blog-hopping this evening, I came across this little gem of a video and thought I’d share. I love sarcastic pro-gay propaganda, especially as the same-sex marriage battle wears me down a little.

I appreciate also a good little banjo ditty.

Attack at New York’s “Standard Hotel”

The Standard Hotel in Manhattan’s meatpacking district has caused controversy in the past because of its risque vibe. It overlooks the High Line park, and guests of the hotel often have sex or just expose themselves in the windows. The management is notorious for tacitly encouraging this, and it has earned the hotel a reputation of being raunchy, if not seedy.

Recently, a maid was sexually attacked by Matthew Moorhouse, a guest staying in the hotel…

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