Gender equality and the “Dumb Male Theory”

The Wall Street Journal, always a favorite, published this article on Iceland’s rise to the #1 position worldwide in terms of gender equality.  The stated reason for the newly acquired leadership?  Women had less to do with Iceland’s spectacular economic fall than men and so are being elevated to higher positions by default, as it were. This point is no doubt useful and valid in terms of criticizing such unreliable notions of comparative gender equalities as are encouraged by the World Economic Forum’s rankings.  The article, however, fails to fully engage with and react to the idea of the “Dumb Male Theory,” which proposes that men are (biologically?) more risk-inclined than women when it comes to investing– and that this tendency led, in part, to the recent economic crash.  So- what do you make of the idea that  bringing “more feminine values to the world of finance” will help the economy?


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