Owning the Fbomb

Back in high school, I distinctly remember being called a “little feminist”…more than once….and by multiple people.

I hated it. Not because I hated the word feminist but because it felt degrading. Little? Did people think it was cute that I held feminist ideals?  Well, whatever the case, they picked up on it and kept calling me their “little feminist.”  This is when I began to stray away from the big bad scary  F word and started to say that I had “feminist tendencies” but was not (cough cough) a FEM.

I can’t help but be impressed by some of the progressive changes going on within the younger feminist community.  Today, teenagers are finding more and more avenues through which to build their feminist identities.  The Fbomb is exactly what I wish I had access to in high school.  It’s a community created blog for teenage girls to discuss and explore feminism from their point of view.

Check it out, the Fbomb is pretty f-ing cool.


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