The Fun Theory

I saw this video today, and it kind of weirdly brought tears to my eyes:

Isn’t that great? I know I’m a sap for effective music choices, but I still think there’s something so touching about this idea. It reminds me of child psychology–try to make doing homework fun–and I think that’s great. Behavior modification doesn’t have to be torturous. The “fun theory” is an initiative of Volkswagen (good for them!) dedicated to using fun to encourage people to make healthy changes. I really recommend giving the website a glance and thinking about how to apply this in daily life.


One thought on “The Fun Theory

  1. What an interesting approach! It gets to the idea of how we motivate people, how pleasure and joy are so important, and how to change the environment to support people in making healthful changes, rather than just saying “you should do this” in a scold-y sort of way (e.g. take the stairs) and putting all the burden on the individual. What ideas can we come up with to make healthy behavior more possible at Barnard, by building in FUN and pleasure and discovery?

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