My Little Red Book

We’ve been talking about menarche and the female experience with her monthly period in my Psych & Women class. A student in class shared with the rest of us a very interesting website called My Little Red Book that provides different stories of women and their menarche.

Also, through a class assignment, I was surprised to find out that even though times have changed and menstruation is still a secretive topic in our society in the sense that women don’t generally talk about it, there is still a sense of shame and disgust associated with it, and education about the cycle of menstruation is not generally taught at home and probably one or two days during middle school. The assignment for this class was to interview a woman 25 years older than me, from a different ethnic/economic/ cultural background than mine or a woman my age but with all the other differences. And I must admit I was surprised to find out that not much has changed. On one part I felt a connection with them because our experiences were similar to mine in that our mothers had never really educated us about menstruation, it was a topic not to be talked about at home or school, there was a desire to get our menarche so we could “become a woman” and join the cool girls club but a feeling of shame and burden when we actually got it.

During my class today I found out that my experience and that of the women I interviewed were very similar to that of all the women in my class who shared their menarche story as well. So what do you think about this? Did you have a similar experience?

One thought on “My Little Red Book

  1. Lizandra–we also have the actual book (My Little Red Book) in the Well-Woman library! It’s a great read.

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