My uterus is impeding universal healthcare.

A few weeks ago our president, formerly the darling of liberals everywhere, triumphantly announced to Congress that his healthcare plan would in no way allow for federal funding to go toward abortions. Much to my feminist dismay, his words were met by raucous applause by our elected officials. Well that’s just GREAT, I thought. Let’s deny funds for something people (yes women are people, hard to believe, I know) actually need money for. I was annoyed, to say the least, but small teeny part of me was like, Hey Barack doesn’t wanna rock the boat, that’s cool. Stupid, think I because abortion is healthcare, but I guess compromise is trendy these days. But this morning, I read this crap in the New York Times.

So apparently, even though our president got up and announced that there would be no federal funding for abortion, his word isn’t good enough, just ask Republican Rep. Joe Wilson. Nope, not good enough. Now Republicans and even moderate anti-choice Democrats are demanding the opportunity to formally debate the issue of abortion and healthcare, and that’s not the worst part. Their threat to refuse to pass healthcare reform if denied such a chance or if abortion coverage is not exclusively denied in some form is being taken mighty seriously. In other words, Nancy Pelosi has agreed to actually sit down and speak to these people, instead of laughing in their faces like a sensible woman should. I’m really distressed by this whole ordeal, because to me, this looks like an excuse to avoid healthcare reform by spending time wringing hands over one of those issues that politicians can never come to a decision about because (a) they’re too damn afraid they are going to upset someone, somewhere or (b) they actually have no business talking about it and thus lack decision making ability.

But most of all, what happened to our female leadership in Congress? What happened to the Nancy Pelosi I met this summer who spoke with such fire about her male colleagues in Congress trying to speak about and control things beyond their experience, SPECIFICALLY PREGNANCY? WHERE IS ASS-KICKING, NAME-TAKING NANCY? And why isn’t she demanding a debate about whether government health care plans will cover VIAGRA?


One thought on “My uterus is impeding universal healthcare.

  1. Ugh. Come on, Nancy!

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