Study Finds that (Only Heterosexual???) Feminists are Sexy

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Pop­u­lar stereo­types of fem­i­nists as un­at­trac­tive and sex­u­ally un­ap­peal­ing are wrong—in fact fem­i­nism may im­prove ro­man­tic rela­t­ion­ships, a new

stu­dy sug­gests.

The find­ings, by Lau­rie Rud­man and Ju­lie Phe­lan of Rut­gers Un­ivers­ity in Pis­cat­away, N.J., ap­pear this week in the re­search jour­nal Sex Roles.

Rud­man and Phe­lan sur­veyed 242 Amer­i­can col­lege stu­dents and 289 old­er adults. They ex­am­ined peo­ple’s per­cep­tion of their own fem­i­nism

and its link to rela­t­ion­ship health, meas­ured by a com­bina­t­ion of over­all rela­t­ion­ship qual­ity, agree­ment about gen­der equa­l­ity, rela­t­ion­ship sta­bil­ity

and sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion.

Fem­i­nism was linked to health­i­er heterosex­u­al rela­t­ion­ships for wom­en, they found, while men with fem­i­nist part­ners re­ported more sta­ble

rela­t­ion­ships and great­er sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion.

The find­ings provided no evidence for the no­tion that fe­males who cham­pion wo­men’s rights are like­li­er to be sin­gle or les­bi­an than oth­ers,

Rud­man and Phe­lan added. In­deed, they found that fem­i­nist wom­en were more likely to be in a heterosex­u­al ro­man­tic rela­t­ion­ship than non-fem­i­nist


Unfortunately, it seems like homosexual women and their relationships and experiences were ignored by this study. I tried to find a companion study finding that non-heterosexual feminist women report greater relationship satisfaction and better sex lives when partner(s) are feminists, but it seems like such a study has not been attempted. Hmmm.


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