Potential Lesbian Replacement for Souter

On May 4th, Barnard held its “Celebration of Pride”, a ceremony intended to honor the achievements of graduating Barnard seniors who were active in the LGBTQ movement on campus. We were lucky enough to have Rosalyn Richter, a Barnard graduate who was recently appointed to be New York’s first openly gay appellate judge. She gave a fascinating speech regarding the journey it took for her to get to this position. I was thrilled to find upon returning home that there may be another judicial milestone approaching: Kathleen Sullivan, an openly gay law professor, apparently stands a chance at replacing Supreme Court Justice Souter when he retires at the end of this court’s term. Sullivan has been involved in some historic LGBT-related court cases, including Bowers v. Hardwick and Lawrence v. Texas. Although nothing is definite, the mere fact that people are taking her seriously as a candidate speaks for the progress our country has made.

Source: SheWired.com


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