Should Hewitt go Trayless?

       I’m sure most of us (if not all of us) can remember countless times of walking to a table in Hewitt Dining Hall with a tray heaped with two plates full of entrees, one bowl of soup, a plate of dessert, a small bowl of salad, fruit, and a cup of juice our first year. We may also remember pushing aside some food we decided we didn’t like and getting up to get seconds and thirds. Ok, so maybe this only happened on those very hungry days when we were so busy we forgot to eat, but the point is that lots of food has been wasted. Could trays be the reason many of us have wasted lots of food and water?
      Many colleges around the nation have gone trayless. Yes, it’s a hassle to get up each time you want something else to eat and the lines might be a little longer, but then you might only go for food you really are going to eat. Less dishes and no trays would be washed, which would save water. Pounds of food would not go to waste. Can this be a green initiative that Barnard can take on?
      Read the article to find out more:


2 thoughts on “Should Hewitt go Trayless?

  1. This is a great idea. also people are always bumping into other people because they’re holding a huge tray with 2 or 3 plates. We should definitely let Hewitt know about this idea and get rid of trays for once and for all 🙂

  2. A good idea, but they have said it would cost a ton to remodel the conveyor belt. I suppose a good argument is that they’ll save money in food that won’t be wasted.

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