Female Soldiers

Since I never get a chance to watch tv, I have become addicted to the “Latest Headlines” link in Mozilla Firefox. Today I read an article that just made me furious and sad at the same time. The thought of women serving in the military has always been a distant one in my mind because not so many females opt to go into that highly male dominated career, but as I kept reading about all the harships they go through I couldn’t help but to feel furious about the military system and those who try to hide the role of women and what they go through.


2 thoughts on “Female Soldiers

  1. I think that is just horrific that sexual violence on women in the military has not been publicized as much as it should. I was reading an article a month ago , I believe it was in a Glamour magazine issue, about the form of sexual healthcare that women have while serving in the military, or should I say lack there of. The article barely touched sexual violence that’s what shocked me after reading the article you posted since the Glamour article I read talked about the major risk military women take with STDs and STI that they cannot even approach healthcare professionals with while deployed, in fear of being reprimanded for breaking the “no tolerance for sex while deployed” rule.

    I cannot imagine what these women are forced to do if they found themselves to be left impregnated by these acts of sexual violence that were more than likely done without protection. There is definitely a strong need for a re-evaluation of the Army Regulation laws to better protect these women, who have already given up so much to protect our liberties…access to healthcare and protection from their male counterparts in their units should not be one of those things.

  2. US soldiers are always portrayed as the male heroes, even in TV commercials! And it saddens me that these men with the “hero” tittle are disrespecting and sometimes abusing their female comrades one way or another, at different levels but they’re still doing it. What’s worse is that publicity of these atrocious acts will damage the glorified image of the American soldier who is fighting for the people and defending democracy so that’s one of the reasons why they want to keep the subject away from the public eye.The role women play is undermined and not paid much attention now but I think the more female soldiers express their experiences in the military in public the more aware the people will become of this issue and change will have to follow.

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