This is just a brief link I found entertaining and wanted to share with all of you feminists. Wikipedia is a phenomenal resource, and I go on it every day. But the user-generated content can occasionally be unprofessional, like this list of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender “firsts” throughout history. Apparently no gay people did anything from 330 BC to 1974. Who knew?

Incidentally, Rachel Maddow, the woman I want to be/marry when I grow up, made it onto the list twice! What an overachiever!


2 thoughts on “Quicky

  1. I have such a crush on Rachel Maddow. I still remember during the elections, she showed a clip of a McCain supporter who said that she doesn’t trust Obama because he’s an Arab. Maddow deconstructed all the problems of McCain’s response, which was merely, “Obama is a good Christian.” Maddow FTW!

  2. Wow. This Wikipedia article is seriously lacking! I’m glad you posted it though, because it reminds me that Wikipedia (my constant “go-to” source for all kinds of information) is NOT infallible. In fact it has all kinds of information which is misinformed, wrong, or just plain, not there.

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