Protests in Kabul

This week is la Semana de la Cultura de los Países Arabes in Buenos Aires. Believing that all cultural celebrations (and all daily activity really) should involve some level of critical thought, I am sharing this with all of you wonderful people in New York and around the world.

A highly destructive bill was just signed into law in Afghanistan essentially furthering the idea of wives as property. It criminalizes a woman’s refusal of her husband’s sexual advances, effectively legalizing marital rape; it requires that women obtain permission from their husband to get a job or an education; and it requires women to wear make up or dress to their husband’s desires. Appropriately, a small group of women is protesting. They also have the support of a smaller group of men

While many of the responses to the protests are absolutely atrocious, the fact that women are protesting, that they have not yet been arrested or silenced, and are receiving international attention is at least, I think, a positive force at work. Internationally, I hope that we can organize some kind of demonstration of solidarity for these women. Peer Eds?


One thought on “Protests in Kabul

  1. Rachel! so glad to read your blog post from Buenos Aires. Your entry sparked a great Well-Woman discussion this afternoon– about the concept of “universal human rights,” lack of knowledge among non-Muslims about Islam, the political and social situation in Afghanistan, and the impact of laws on people’s psyches and everyday practices. Thanks! (write more!) Karen

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