Quick: What do Lesotho, Swaziland, Papua New Guinea and the US have in common?


Answer: They are, according to the International Labour Organization, the only four nations on the planet with no paid maternity leave.  

Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports, countries not run on twisted draconian principles of 19th Century capitalism, are debating whether to increase government mandated paid maternity leave. Imagine. The UK is considering an increase from nine to twelve months. Sweden offers 480 days of paid parental leave.

The FT considers the ‘cost to employers’ argument that some 3rd World countries (and these United States) claim is too burdensome, but concludes:

“Maternity leave provides clear benefits to society. Apart from the advantages of babies spending their early months with their mothers, breast-fed children have lower rates of infections, childhood diabetes, eczema, obesity and asthma.

Companies benefit from maternity leave by allowing women to return to work when their children are a little older, rather than forcing them to resign if they want to be with their babies. Employers hold on to people and escape the additional costs of having to replace those who leave”.

Little wonder President Obama saluted “the hardest-working people on Earth” in his recent address to Congress. With family values like these, Mom has no choice.


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  1. lm2504 says:

    yeah I thought that song You’re so gay was so weird because I actually heard it after listening to “I kissed a girl”. At that point I thought her album did not make any sense, and yeah it was very offensive to those girls who do not like boys.

  2. lm2504 says:

    crap did I just leave a comment on the wrong post..I think I diiiiiiddddd… 😦 sorry

  3. K.R says:

    I’ve looked alot into this which is one of the reasons why Canada is my future home! In other countries, women get as much as a full year off paid maternity leave. It’s amazing how much the U.S decides to boast on how great we are but we still lack benefits that make…well, common sense to have!

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