Nancy Meyers’ new untitled film – why aren’t there more recognized female filmmakers?

If you ask me about most of my filmmaking idols, I will most likely name men and only men (Martin Scorsese, Cameron Crowe, Jean Rouch, to name three). Sadly, this is largely due to the fact that female filmmakers are few and far (and if they’re out there, the big guys don’t know how to publicize them properly), so I haven’t had a chance to hear about, much less watch their films. This isn’t to say that there aren’t amazing women filmmakers out there (look at Women Make Movies! Margaret Mead! My old boss!), but I don’t see the corporate moneybaggers looking at women’s names and thinking, “That could be a [INSERT NAME HERE] film”, like Miyazaki or (gulp) M. Night Shyamalan!

But oh, look, there I go naming men again.

Anyway, women need to support women (unless those women are Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter), and one whom I’d like to give a shout out is Nancy Meyers, director of What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, and The Holiday (but those are only her directing credits; she’s got writing and producing ones too). Why do I think of her now, you ask? According to Filming in Brooklyn:

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project, starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, John Krasinski, and Alec Baldwin, is filming again today in the vicinity of Russell Street and Greenpoint Avenue in Greenpoint.

Nancy Meyers, you are setting a path that someday I may wish to venture into. More importantly, you brought us Jack Black in a dramatic role before Margot in the Wedding did, so thanks for that.


3 thoughts on “Nancy Meyers’ new untitled film – why aren’t there more recognized female filmmakers?

  1. check out “the slums of beverly hills” (1998) written and directed by tamara jenkins–an oddball coming-of-age film, and her 2007 film “the savages”! maybe our next ww film series can be focused on coming-of-age films by women filmmakers or writers, like “ripe” (1996) written and directed by mo ogrodnick. anyone have any others to add?

  2. i just remembered another:
    manny and lo (1996) by lisa krueger (with a 12 year old scarlett johanssen in one of her first films) about 2 runaway sisters, one of them preadolescent, the other teenaged and pregnant, who kidnap a grown-up woman (mary kay place) to help them deliver the baby.

  3. and another!! “eve’s bayou” (1997), by kasi lemmons, starring samuel jackson and lynne whitfield. (lemmons also directed “talk to me” (2007) with don cheedle.)

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