That’s So Gay!

Hello, gentle Readers!

We, Elisa and Madeleine, are writing from Gay Headquarters to keep you updated on the queer goings-on around campus, around the city, and beyond. Elisa and Maddie are both members of Q, of which Maddie is the Vice President (though she prefers “President of Vice”), they are both involved in GendeRevolution, and Elisa was involved with this past year’s Queer Awareness Month. Be assured that wherever anything remotely gay happens, we will eagerly report it back to you. If you don’t feel quite gay enough while waiting for our next post, we recommend that you watch this on repeat:

This is, after all, the forty year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a monumental event in the gay rights movement! On that note, we would like to remind you that this Saturday, March 28, is Q’s Stonewall themed Queer prom, and we hope to see you there!

And…we’re out!


One thought on “That’s So Gay!

  1. thanks for the video!! hope the gay-la tonight is smashing. wow: 40 years. eager to read more posts from the front.

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