Well-Woman in the Spec

Today’s edition of the Columbia Spectator has an editorial piece on Well-Woman titled “Well Student”, which frames Well-Woman as “a peer awareness group dedicated to educating students about their health on a uniquely routine basis”.

In covering the goals of Well-Woman and highlighting its close working relationship with linked with Barnard’s other health services (i.e. Furman Counseling, Health Services, ASAP, etc), the Spec Editorial Board calls for incorporation of peer educators in their own health programs:

Columbia should reach out to the greater student body by including peer educators in its health-services program. While certain programs, such as workshops for eating-disorder prevention, may seem more relevant to women than men, they are no more relevant to women at Barnard than women at Columbia, and they should be available to men as well. By incorporating peer educators into its programs, Health Services at Columbia would be able to provide universally accessible information on general wellness in a casual, peer-to-peer setting… Columbia should implement a single, primarily student-staffed program under Health Services that incorporates all aspects of healthy living. In this way, the University can encourage positive habits rather than only gearing programs toward negative ones.

I agree!


One thought on “Well-Woman in the Spec

  1. I thought this was a great editorial and portrayed WW really well.
    It is kindof funny though, in that I think a lot of students come to Columbia because they want to be really independent and not have the kind of handholding that might come from a tiny rural liberal arts school, or even from Barnard… but once they get here lots of people complain about the bad advising and lack of community. I obviously can’t speak as a CC or SEAS student, but I definitely agree that health promotion programs are only a positive thing on campus 🙂

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