The Meatrix I and II


In doing some research on food opportunities, I came across two amazing videos – the Meatrix and the Meatrix II. These two short films (really short – 5 minutes long) are produced by Sustainable Table in order to educate consumers on the realities of our food system (particularly factory farming). The films are a little silly but the information given in each is valuable. I think you should all check it out – particularly look at the information after the film. Before you do, I would like to clarify that I am not attempting to make anyone into a vegetarian. I respect those that eat meat, but I think we should all be informed about our food choices. Some think this is crazy and have told me so – but think about it…we have to eat everyday! It is our nature. So why not be concerned about what we are putting into our bodies?


2 thoughts on “The Meatrix I and II

  1. Chelsea, thanks for reminding us to question where the food we put into our bodies comes from. I won’t say I’m an animal rights activist because I am not and I would be lying. However, with the addition of our Turkish Van mix into my family this past summer, I have come to love and sympathize with all four-legged creatures. The living conditions of cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals are horrific and sickness must be abundant among these cramped-in animals.
    So we may or may not care about these animals. And that’s fine, I suppose. However, this gets personal. If you are a meat eater and/or eat dairy products, you may be eating products that come from mistreated, hormone-filled, sick animals. This in turn makes US hormone-filled, sick, and the perpetrators of mistreating our bodies.
    I followed the link to the page, which took me to the page. There I types in my zipcode and found a long lists of local, sustainable, organic restaurants, farmer’s markets, bakers, butchers, educational centers and more! I’m printing our info as we speak to have on hand.
    It’s important for us to start taking more control of what we eat, for we ARE what we eat.

  2. Joeli, I completely agree! I am actually not much of an animal rights activist either. I’m concerned more with the fact that our current food system is disrupting the natural cycle and “order” of things and thus produces more problems and damages our environment and our health. The Eat Well guide is great – I’m glad you checked it out!

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