Of Mice And Men: New Male Contraceptives Successful

“Pills, sponges, IUDs, diaphragms — women have many options for planning their fertility, none of them quite perfect. But what if men want to help out? They have only two options — vasectomy, which is usually permanent, and condoms, which are crucial for dating but get old in long-term relationships. Will men ever have a way to reliably make sure that nobody is every calling them “Daddy” before they are ready?”

Researchers have after running and still in the process of reviewing these extensive studies have found 3 non-permanent contraceptives for males:

(1) The Intra Vas Device (IVD) is a set of plugs that is  inserted into the vas deferens and blocks sperm from swimming down the tube. The IVD can later be removed after a short-term and fertility is regained. (Shepard Medical Company)

(2) A hormone regimen that consists of a progestin shot (similar to the female contraceptive DepoProvera) every 3 months and a daily rubbed on testosterone gel. (University of Washington)

(3) Too little vitamin A has been associated with infertility in men, in addition to sickness. So researchers have used a drug known to block the vitamin A receptors only in the testes, to make males infertile, while avoiding the health effects that a lack of vitamin A usually causes. (Columbia University) 

Follow the link below to read the full article: 

Of Mice And Men: New Male Contraceptives Successful In Rodents And Humans


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