Risky Abortion Alternatives

Surgical abortions are not an option for all women. 
Fear of deportation, mistrust of the health care system, shame, lack of health insurance, cost of abortion, fear of surgery, not knowing about free clinics, and protesters at abortion clinics are driving Latina women, especially Dominican women, to use risky alternatives to induce abortions. In a traditional community that shuns abortions and the women that go through them, Dominican women are finding a solution in misoprostol, a medication used to prevent gastric ulcers. Other ways in which women are inducing their own abortions are: “mixing malted beverages with aspirin, salt or nutmeg; throwing themselves down stairs or having people punch them in the stomach; and drinking teas of avocado leaf, pine wood, oak bark and mamon fruit peel.”
Many women feel that these “natural remedies” for unwanted pregnancies give them privacy and relieve guilt and shame because the self-induced abortion seems more natural, more like a miscarriage. 
Read the NYT article: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/05/nyregion/05abortion.html?ref=nyregion


One thought on “Risky Abortion Alternatives

  1. Thanks for pointing out this article. Check out this response, which describes how some women’s health providers and researchers were angered by what they see as faulty reporting of this story by the NYTimes: http://rhrealitycheck.org/#null1

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