AIDS in the UAE

This article, “UAE recorded 35 cases of AIDS last year,” is about AIDS cases in the UAE and the struggle to raise awareness around the issue of AIDS. I found it interesting that in the UAE, a relatively “western” country by many standards, an AIDS awareness conference was titled, “Women, Take the Lead… Leaders, Keep the Promise: Stop AIDS.” Isn’t this reinforcing the idea that women are complicit in the spread of AIDS? Why is the prevention of AIDS the responsibility of women any more so than it is the responsibility of men? While I appreciate that this conference is taking giant steps to inform people about the true nature of AIDS and those affected by it, I don’t think that this goal and the fight for gender equality need be mutually exclusive.

As always- what are your thoughts? Am I being “nitpicky” or could this conference have been set up differently? How should the fight to raise awareness of AIDS prevention- and to alleviate prejudices against those affected by AIDS- be addressed in places where prejudices surrounding AIDS may be particularly strong?


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