A Genital Birth Defect Once Linked with Vegetarianism, Now Linked with Hairspray?

The chemical, pthalates, found in hairspray has been linked to the common genital birth defect hypospadias. Studies proved that this birth defect once thought to be caused by a woman’s choice to be on a vegetarian diet during her pregnancy shows no increased risk factors linked with vegetarianism. On the other hand, women who were exposed to hairspray (in the workplace) during the first trimester of pregnancy’s risk of having a son with this birth defect increased two to three-folds.

Having hypospadias basically consists of the son being born with the urinary opening displaced to the underside of the penis, which can usually be treated with a corrective surgery after the child turns one. However, if left untreated hypospadias can lead to urinating problems, sexual relation issues, and infertility. Who knew a little pampering could do such great harm to a woman’s unborn child? So the next time you are in the styling chair and you notice your hair-stylist with a little growing belly, just think of how making the small sacrifice of only having that hair-do last just a few hours less without any hairspray can have on your hair-stylist’s unborn child.

Full Article found on Science Daily: Hairspray Is Linked To Common Genital Birth Defect, Says Study


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