Blog alert: The XX Factor

I forgot where I saw this, but it seems too cool not to mention. If you’re an online mag junkie, then you probably know about Slate (Note: Former Bwog Editor-in-Chief Lydia DePillis now writes for them). Then again, if you’re a Slate junkie, then there’s no point in you reading this entry. Turn back while you still can and do some work, damn it!

It’s called The XX Factor (oh, I get it! Chromosomes! Ha…), and it calls itself the “Slate Women Blog About Politics, Etc…” Here are the most recent entry titles:

  • Whose Foreign Policy? That’s the Question
  • Yes, Hillary (Because I’m Rooting for Tracy Flick)
  • No, Hillary, No
  • Give Hill a Chance
  • Taking the Bait: The Feminist Case for Hillary as SoS

Hm, I see a subtle pattern here. Well, at least Hillary’s getting some media back (now that she’s up for Secretary of State) instead of that governor who got prank called by two Canadian DJs.


One thought on “Blog alert: The XX Factor

  1. great graphic!

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