Really cool pictures

Ever wonder what your cervix looks like?  On this photo blog, a woman, with the help of a speculum, digital camera, and super cool boyfriend, documents her cervix throughout her cycle.


4 thoughts on “Really cool pictures

  1. Meg, this is fantastic! I especially love her ending message: “Enjoy your Cervix and your amazing body!”

  2. I love this! I shared it on my Google Reader blogroll and my guy friends freaked. They’ll never be the same, and I’m proud to say that I did that to them.

  3. This was fascinating! I feel liked this was important and I learned a lot, but I was actually a little put off by the pictures. Did anyone else feel similarly?

  4. The pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing the website with us. I wish this young women had made this project earlier before I hit puberty!
    I feel like taking pictures of my own uterus now.

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