More on those delicious Breast “Cup” Cakes

They’re being sold around Barnard Hall and Sulzberger RIGHT NOW (12-1:30 PM). Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness.

Goooooooo! They’re delicious and fun!


Support Breast Cancer Research… Decorate Breast “Cup”Cakes!

You all knew this was coming… it’s time for Well-Woman’s 7th annual Breast “Cup”Cake Celebration!

From 7-9pm, you can come to our office (119 Reid) and decorate two cupcakes in any shape, size, or color, then take one home with you and donate the other to the Well-Woman bake sale (all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society). We supply the cupcakes, icing, and decorations. You supply the creativity!

Sarah Palin versus Liberals and Feminists

So two important things regarding Sarah Palin happened this weekend:

  1. She finally made a guest appearance on SNL! BrooklynVegan posted this brilliant picture of both on stage:
    This was Palin’s (or was it Fey’s?) moment to tackle “the liberal elite media as well as the liberal regular media.” Read/watch more, here, here, here, and here.
  2. Sitting down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Senator John McCain (as The Daily Beast puts it) “blew it with women” by making this comment:

    Chris Wallace: As a cold political calculation, hasn’t Gov. Palin become a drag on your ticket?

    Senator John McCain: As a cold political calculation, I could not be more pleased. … She is a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America.

News from Denmark

Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is illegal in most Western states, and is illegal by law if not by practice in many African and Asian countries as well.  Denmark, however, has taken the prohibitions a step further, by making it illegal for parents to have this procedure performed on their children–even if it happens outside of Denmark.

The Copenhagen Post reports the first challenge to this law, from an immigrant couple who sent two of their daughters back to Sudan for circumcision.  Besides the hypocrisy (Danes were bewildered when Muslim extremists insisted that the Danish Mohammed artists be tried in Jordan for “crimes” committed in Denmark), this brings up lots of questions of cultural practices versus plain misogyny, the difficulties of immigrant assimilation, etc.

What do you think?  Should a country carry their law this far?  Should the US?

Are Bad Times Healthy?

A recent NY Times article reports that economic crises can have positive affects on people’s health! Some studies show that when economic times are good, people work more and do less of the things that are good for them like exercising or cooking at home. So, maybe this crisis will actually help improve the health of our communities and in turn of our nation. Just another way to (healthfully) look at our current economic situation…

Oat Yogurt in Finland!

(ooh look, the image changes!)

Here we go again with the so-called European superiority. Vegan Lunch Box reports that not only does Finland provide better health care*, but it also has cooler non-dairy yogurts!

According to their website, Yosa is “a probiotic oat-based product with a texture similar to yoghurt. The Isoäidin product range includes a variety of organic sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers, juices and spiced wine (glögg).” Vegan Lunch Box’s friend claims that this is the best non-dairy yogurt s/he has ever tried… this puts my Silk addiction to shame.

* Well-Woman joke about Europe’s universal health care. Ever since Meg enlightened the other peer eds after studying abroad in Denmark, we’ve never been the same.