Free reads: Go! Magazine, The L Mag, and The Onion

Okay, I can’t be the only one who loves reading free periodicals. Argue all you want about the low quality of “free” writing, but not everything is like The Daily News or AM New York, ok?

I’m talking about smaller, more local, NYC-based stuff, like Go! Magazine (“The Cultural Roadmap for the City Girl”) or The L (Local) Magazine (“Put it in your pocket”), which give you excellent guides to this sacred, mysterious Gotham, and some pretty succinct articles on topics ranging from the death of indie rock to the in-betweens of “butch” and “femme” labeling.

As far as I know, both Go Mag and The L Mag are available in front of the Columbia 116th & Broadway Gates (both mags are located in, respectively, red and orange plastic stands). Oh yeah, and if I must belabor the point of how awesome free periodicals can be, just saunter across the street and pick up The Onion‘s brilliant satirical works (their A.V. Club section isn’t bad either).


One thought on “Free reads: Go! Magazine, The L Mag, and The Onion

  1. I was walking down broadway,about 3 weeks ago, and came upon this magazine. The cover was so attractive that I had to question whether or not it was free of charge, and it was! There were some really interesting articles in there. And who knew there were LGBTQ cruises? (Or maybe everyone knew, except for me lol )

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