Friday Feminist F–k No

Feministing always has great “Friday Feminist F–k You” posts. This week’s is about Sarah Palin and why she is NOT a feminist:

  1. Benefiting from feminism (which Palin has) does not make you a feminist
  2. Palin opposes a woman’s right to choose
  3. Palin cut funding for shelter for pregnant teens
  4. Palin opposes abortion rights even in cases of rape and incest
  5. McCain (and Palin, by association) supports businesses that practice wage discrimination
  6. Even though Palin is a working mom, she doesn’t support other working moms: McCain opposed increasing health insurance coverage for kids
  7. McCain (and Palin, by association) favored weakening the Family and Medical Leave Act
  8. A woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman’s candidate

And while we’re still talking Palin, watch Matt Damon’s widely publicized commentary here.

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