Fun Fact of the Day

Apparently Gatorade has the same pH and osmolarilty as your blood so if you’re ever in a situation (such as taking the MCAT) where you have to keep hydrated but couldn’t be bothered with inconveniences such as needing to pee, drink the stuff! Although beware it has high fructose corn syrup…

2 thoughts on “Fun Fact of the Day

  1. oh and Powerade has an ingredient that makes you calm but in excess can make you depressed. Don’t you love sports drinks?

  2. I was watching NBC this morning (to catch up on Olympic happenings) and there’s this ratio of carbs to proteins that is necessary for athletes/people who work out a lot. Phelps uses this special made drink, but they guy said that 1% chocolate milk has the same ratio…. and probably tastes better.

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