Will you be my bestest friend?

I was just reading some of the reader comments over at feministing.com on a posting of Sarah Haskin’s new material (Haskins has several videos on current.com that critique advertising to women rather sardonically; they’re quite good.  This week’s was on birth control adverts.) and a large majority of the women have posted things such as, “i looooooooove her. biggest. crush. ever.” and “Only if Sarah Haskins can be my best friend too. AWESOME.”.

I’ve noticed this tendency before on postings, and if my memory serves me well (which it often doesn’t), I have never seen a man write (or say, I suppose) something like this.  Women have a tendency to say that they “have a crush” or “want to be friends” with people (usually women) with whom they agree.

I’m going to ponder this one for a bit.

One thought on “Will you be my bestest friend?

  1. I would agree. There is a tendency for women to openly admit that they would like to befriend someone or have a crush on someone. I think men feel similarly but it is not as acceptable for them to admit such feelings – if a man said he wanted to be best friends with another man or had a “friend-crush” on another man many people would quickly assume that they were queer. While this is a stupid assumption and can cause people to become violent, offensive, and even more ignorant, this is the reality of the world we live in.

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