What a glorious day!

McCain has handed us the election with his terrible, terrible, fully political, nonsensical VP pick. I think he’s qualified to sit in a box, but I’m not sure if he’s qualified to do anything else.  Anyone else know what he’s good at?

Even crazier than spray-on condoms: Wacky Rubbers!

Saw this over at BUST Blog – I’m sure that Emma’s last entry about spray-on condoms was already a kick in the head for readers. Well, check out Wacky Rubbers for an even wilder trip. Wacky Rubbers is “your home for exciting, sexy, fun condoms. Condoms that flash, condoms that play music. Condoms for your…

Guys are under pressure too. Check it out.

Using Mexico as a Model

Yesterday’s New York Times ran a disturbing article about the recent legalization of abortion in Mexico City. Nowhere else in this heavily Catholic country is abortion allowed – and in the capital city, the legislation only passed after much heated debate. Despite this monumental change in legislation, however, 85% of Mexico City’s doctors are refusing…

Happy Birthday!

Women got the right to vote 88 years ago.  Happy birthday 19th amendment!

Blogging what?

Here’s a new blog on women’s individual experiences re: abortion.  It’s called What To Expect When You’re Aborting.

Biden it is.

Here is his record on choice, a la On The Issues. Also remember that Biden deserves most of the credit for writing and ensuring viability of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which he wrote with the lovely Legal Momentum. Biden doesn’t support marriage equality (though no one on Obama’s short list did), and his…

This is criminal.

Healthcare workers are getting ready to get the right to deny services to women based on ‘moral’ and ‘religious’ views.  Mike Leavitt deserves a prolonged and painful disease which doctors refuse to treat on moral grounds. Washington Post has more.

Personified Punctuation

So, are semi-colons girlie?  Or totally gay?  Or perhaps, un-American? The Boston Globe and Andrew Sullivan have some ideas.