So, we can all agree…

Foreign Policy has an article (here) on, among other things, China’s one-child policy (and the sex-selective abortions that result from the overlying patriarchy).  The invention of the ultrasound has ushered in a new age in certain Asian countries, most notably India, China, Taiwan, and Bangladesh, where the sex-ratio of boys to girls is an astounding 120(or higher!) boys to 100 girls.  This is creating masses of restless, young boys with nothing to do – and they’re increasingly turning to violent and nationalistic activities.

Economists widely (and in my view, accurately) ascribe the drop in crime in the 90s to, among other things, the legalization of abortion – namely, when parents have unwanted children (especially poorer women with fewer access to resources), the children are more frequently neglected and more frequently denied access to things that make people upstanding citizens (parents who are poorer means children are poorer means lower quality of education, less time off with kids, less after-school activities, etc.).

Basically, it appears that state-controlled fertility isn’t good for women and it certainly isn’t good for nations.  I think this is something we can all agree upon.


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