Random book recommendation: The Necessary Hunger

My own reading isn’t too relevant to readers, but my friend’s is. It’s called The Necessary Hunger, and because I’m too lazy to concoct a blurb, here’s Amazon’s:

Nancy Takahiro is a star high school basketball player who is smitten by a new player, Raina Webber. When Nancy’s father falls in love with Raina’s mother and the families move in together, Nancy’s love for Raina becomes positively excruciating. This novel grapples not only with the awkwardness of adolescent love, but also with race: Nancy is Asian American, Raina is African American. And if that’s not enough, it’s full of information on college sport recruiting techniques.

Sounds interesting, right? According to said friend, it’s heartbreaking. Pick it up while you can, since it’s high school reading and summer is the best time to take a break from all the Judith Butler and whatnot.


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