Naked in New York

For two issues now, Time Out New York has printed pictures of 7 lucky naked New Yorkers. The first ran in Time Out’s “Horny issue” and the second pictures (and their reactions to the first printing) just came out in the most recent issue. Some of the pictures are funny (there’s one with a man in the forest and a perfectly placed tree branch aimed towards his butt and another with a woman on the toilet) but some are more explicit or suggestive. The 7 are only somewhat diverse (there is only one “plus-sized” model and most are white) and all of the women are completely hairless. I’m all for people feeling comfortable in their own skin and having the courage to pose naked for thousands of viewers (including co-workers, friends, and family). I guess I’m just a bit confused as to 1. why pose naked in this forum, 2. why print some of those poses, and 3. why are the women hairless? I think Time Out could have done a better job of better representing a naked New York population.


One thought on “Naked in New York

  1. I loved the pictures. These people are really brave to pose naked for a magazine. I admire how comfortable they are with their body and their sexuality. Their decision to pose naked just shows how in touch they are with their own person. lov it

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