Move over, GPA – I’ve got a new number to show my worth

Here is a fantastic (really, just fantastic) blast from the past – the APA has posted the ‘Martial Scale,’ in which husbands rated their wives based on various characteristics – for example, having the ‘seem in your hose crooked’ is a demerit (I don’t wear hose, but imagine it would be fair grounds to kill), but a wife can redeem herself with the honorable ‘is religious.’ (Unfortunately, only the first page is available – though I’d have loved to see my other faults in spreadsheet fashion). While my boyfriend, a wise man, refused to rate me, I rated myself – and I got an astounding -18! Spinsterhood, here I come!

What’s your score?


3 thoughts on “Move over, GPA – I’ve got a new number to show my worth

  1. Great find!

    I am a very poor failure with a -6 (self-rated). I bet my spouse won’t give me credit for asking his opinion or being jolly and gay, in which case my score will be even lower!

  2. Love it. When rating myself I got -11. My partner, who I already passed this on to, informs me that by his calculations I’m slightly less of a failure at 3.5. Very curious as to where the .5 came from…

    My fave: “dresses for breakfast” as a positive. In what, exactly?

  3. Someone scanned the whole booklet and posted it on flickr. Here’s the link: I got a 4! Woo! Now if only I had a boy to rate…

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