“Girls will be girls”…?

CNN recently did a piece on the six teenage girls from Florida who beat up another girl and filmed it — just so they could put it up on Youtube. The girls, ages 14 to 18, lured a 16 year old into one of their homes and beat her to the point where she needed to be hospitalized.

In today’s Well-Woman discussion, a peer ed mentioned that one of the assaulters’ parents commented that the act was merely a byproduct of media conditioning. The parent also dismissed the behavior by claiming that “girls will be girls.”

But as many other peer eds rightfully pointed out, there’s the commonly observed act of girls being catty to one another; and then there’s actual physical violence, which probably doesn’t fall into the same category of regular and acceptable behavior.

Read the CNN piece here.


Choice! No Rape! Organic Food!: A Summary of Shakespeare’s “Rotten” State

For all the liberals’ complaints about the state of the healthcare system in the States, and indeed the state of the country in general, I’m really surprised Scandinavia is rarely mentioned. Remarks full of yearning for “the way they do it in Europe” generally refer, I’ve found, to Britain, France, and Germany. But after spending eight months in the ultimate welfare state–Denmark–I’m disappointed to return to the US.

Seriously, there probably is no better place to be born a woman than Denmark.

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Abortion and Art. Together….?

Next week, a senior art major, Aliza Shvarts, at Yale University will be presenting her final art project – a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. She saved the blood from the miscarriages and even recorded them. She said that her goal was not to shock but rather to inspire discourse and debate on art and the human body. I’m not sure what to think. Part of me wants to scream and the other wants to admire her courage and extreme will/love of art to do such a thing. Opinion aside, I’m concerned about the health of her body. She had multiple miscarriages and, while she claimed the abortifacient were “herbal and legal,” she did not consult a doctor. Is hurting or potentially hurting one’s body considered art? If she had autonomy and power over this then I guess it is art…?

Aha! My use of Sweet’N Low is justified!

Slate has a great article on how we tend to focus on insignificant carcinogens from the artificial world (that tend to distract our attention and usurp our money for research) and tend to ignore the bigger, much more prevalent threats from natural causes (because it’s easy/socially salient to remember the mantra of artificial = bad and natural = good).  It urges us to forget worrying about how our “cellphones cause cancer” and to remember that HPV is a precondition to half a million cases of cervical cases per year.

Ladies, get your pap smears regularly and use your Spleenda to your heart’s content.

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

I found this really cute video today called the Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun that made me really happy about life. Hopefully it will brighten your day (well, right now it’s actually night here in NY) and motivate you to achieve what you aspire!
1. Get focused; Stop hiding who you really are
2. Get focused; Start being intensely selfish
3. Be creative; Stop following the rules
4. Be creative; Start scaring yourself
5. Use your wisdom; Stop taking it all so damn seriously
6. Use your wisdom; Start getting rid of the crap
7. Take action; Stop being busy
8. Take action; Start something

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