Abortion and Art. Together….?

Next week, a senior art major, Aliza Shvarts, at Yale University will be presenting her final art project – a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. She saved the blood from the miscarriages and even recorded them. She said that her goal was not to shock but rather to inspire discourse and debate on art and the human body. I’m not sure what to think. Part of me wants to scream and the other wants to admire her courage and extreme will/love of art to do such a thing. Opinion aside, I’m concerned about the health of her body. She had multiple miscarriages and, while she claimed the abortifacient were “herbal and legal,” she did not consult a doctor. Is hurting or potentially hurting one’s body considered art? If she had autonomy and power over this then I guess it is art…?


5 thoughts on “Abortion and Art. Together….?

  1. I’m glad. That’s pretty ridiculous!

  2. Well, maybe it was a hoax: http://yaledailynews.com/articles/view/24559. I find this story especially disturbing for the same reason you mentioned: no doctors. I can’t help but wonder if this girl has any respect for her own health and body.

  3. Yeah, its hard to get a straight story. Yale is saying its a hoax and she is repeatedly saying it’s not and has “proof.” I don’t know what to think any more.

  4. I agree that it’s extremely difficult to get beyond the shock factor. Maybe my mom (the closest OB/GYN whom I have at hand) can provide some insights into how unsafe this actually is.

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