Proper Attire

There are these new condoms going around New York right now and I’m in love with the concept! They’re called Proper Attire condoms and they’re sold at four places around Manhattan. The proceeds “will benefit” the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and they just look so super cool! The image to the right is the packaging. If anyone gets their hands on one, be sure to let me know what you think of them! I’m excited! Anything to promote the use of condoms is a wonderful endeavor!

Their little slogan and blurb:

Old stereotypes about who should buy condoms are so last season! PROPER ATTIRETM condoms are the “must-have” accessory this season and were designed with sexually active, stylish women in mind.

The fashionably chic PROPER ATTIRE design ensures that now you can feel completely comfortable buying condoms and carrying them with you. With four trendy styles — Basic (regular); Color (colored); Dots (studded); XL (extra large) — PROPER ATTIRE condoms are a safe, yet fun way to protect yourself and your partner and do it with style!

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2 thoughts on “Proper Attire

  1. Right. Because women need fancy colors and shapes to understand the need to protect themselves. Women wouldn’t dare be seen carrying around something that could save their lives if it didn’t match their shoes!

  2. haha. good point!
    It is strange that it’s being marketed towards women, but is there really harm in marketing that women should be responsible too? I don’t think it has to do so much with having something that matches your shoes as much as it has to do with the stigma that comes when a woman carries condoms on a regular basis. for a male, it’s cool, it means you’re “getting some” while for a woman it means that she’s loose and asking for it. THAT is the bigger issue to me. So, if women feel more confident being the ones responsible if the packaging is “pretty,” then by all means, I’m for it.

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