the TRUE cost of food

I know a person who laments that she was once a vegetarian, but I’ve never been unhappy with my choice and continue to find things that convince me it’s the right choice for me. I went to the Earth Institute’s State of the Planet ’08 event at the end of February and discovered a great site from the Sierra Club. Here’s a bit of info to pique your interest, but be sure to check out the site and its various links for more food for thought:

-one billion lbs of toxic pesticides are used each year (roughly 3 lbs per person)
-3/4 of land area is used for grazing or growing food for animals; 10lbs of grain fed to animals produces 1lb of meat
-it takes a gallon of fuel and 2500 gallons of water to raise a single pound of beef
-vegetables begin to lose nutrition and taste as soon as they’re picked

But don’t lose hope! And don’t stop eating meat if you love it — but remember that we can make a difference!

If you, too, think sustainable consumption is sexy, check this out as well.


One thought on “the TRUE cost of food

  1. okay, okay. you are a steward of the earth while i am a plunderer. phooey.

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