Sanesha Stewart: young, black, and transgender

This is late news, but those who don’t already should know about the murder of Sanesha Stewart.

According to Coffee and Gender and Feministe, Stewart was “a 25 year old Black transgender woman who was brutally murdered [stabbed to death, by a man named Steve McMillian] on February 9th. After her death her memory and life was disrespected and defamed in NY newspapers and blogs despite a tremendous outpouring of support and grief that came from all over queer, transgender, Black, and feminist communities.” A vigil was held for Stewart on Friday 4/4, 1 PM near her apartment in the Bronx.

The hatred and ignorance behind this crime is perturbing enough; but knowing that mainstream press has reacted with “grossly disrespectful and transphobic journalism” really pushes me over the edge.

For a clearer articulation of the ever-present dangers which trans and gender non-conforming communities face, check out this post on AngryBrownButch, written by “a queer Boricua in Brooklyn”.


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