Barnard Zines

Barnard Zines
Behold, the mighty Barnard Zines collection.

In Summer 2003, the Barnard Library staff noted a significant absence of organic, cheaply distributed writing on their stacks. In a campus environment that breeds literary excellence but also hints that corporate publishing is the key to success, self-distributed and self-published “Zines” are a poor college student’s breath of fresh air.

Composed of works on a variety of topics (e.g. Art, Comix, Compilation, Personal, and Political), the Barnard Zines collection complements our school’s women’s studies and highlights a growing feminist culture. Part of its mission statement also “aims to serve the needs of current readers and scholars and those of future researchers.”

Want to learn more about Barnard Zines? Visit the Barnard Zines home page, Myspace, or Livejournal.


4 thoughts on “Barnard Zines

  1. you know. I’ve alway wanted to sit down and read at least one of these. On my “To Do Before I Graduate Barnard” list!
    Have you read any? What are they like?

  2. I’ve actually only read about two. Both were on sexuality — each integrated a lot of visual media (images, phrases, etc) and didn’t really follow conventional literary technique. Very very freelance stuff, great for a casual read. A good friend of mine said that she used to go to the library and randomly read Zines all the time.

  3. If you want more details on some cool titles, check it out on the Barnard Library Zine FAQs page:

  4. Thanks for the love, ladies, and congrats on this excellent blog!

    The zines circulate now, so if you don’t have time to hang out in the library and read them, you can come by and grab a few to check out, just like you would a book.

    And feel free, encouraged even, to get in touch if you want helping finding zines related to your particular interest. There are a lot of zines that deal with sexuality and physical and mental health issues.

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