Marriage Therapy for the Army

This article called After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield came up on my homepage last night. I had to click on it since the idea of the Army providing marriage therapy seemed way too enticing to me.

Truthfully, it seems a whole lot like the Army does a great job brainwashing people into becoming killing machines– and why shouldn’t they be good at it, it’s been going on for centuries! What the Army (and the US government) really doesn’t do and hasn’t really had to care about until recently (soldiers are more likely to come back home alive nowadays) is how to re-wire them for life outside of the Army. While the article discusses a lot of the problems and some of what the Army is doing, if you ask me, they’re failing. If the government put as much money into taking care of its Army members as it does in researching new ways to cause maximum damage, I think we’d have troops that came home able to discuss their experiences and were able to reconnect with “civilian” life.

Read the article, tell me what you think. It’s long, but it took me 5 minutes to read.

For information about the work Sue Johnson does (she’s cited in the article), here’s her webpage.

This blog was re-posted from Amor Del Mono by Peer-Ed Rosara Torrisi


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