The Pregnant Man

If you have a television, make some time to watch Oprah on Thursday. She’s doing a show on a pregnant man named Thomas Beatie. He’s transgender, legally male, but kept his female reproductive organs. Although Beatie has gotten a lot of attention from the media so far–and please keep in mind that you may never see me say this again–Oprah could put together a really inspiring show about this. For more information about Beatie, click here:


One thought on “The Pregnant Man

  1. I haven’t seen it all, but I watched a couple of minutes of it on YouTube. Thomas’s mother died at a young age, and the way Oprah frames it, it makes it sound as if his lack of feminine figures in his life “made” him transgender. It’s a bit like the opposite of the (mistaken) belief that being around a lot of feminine figures can “turn” men gay, no?

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