10 Women with “Lady Balls”

Hey gals (and any guys who happen to be reading…don’t want to exclude anyone!),

Check out this feature from Glamour.com, in which Stephen Colbert names “his all-time favorite tough broads”. -For those who watch the Colbert Report, you should recognize the term “lady balls” as an essential “Colbert-ian” phrase. To quote Colbert himself on the subject: “You can be a lady and have ‘lady balls’, or what I like to call ‘Thatchers’, after England’s Iron Lady, who had a lordly pair of lead swingers”.

How do we feel about “lady balls”? Are you going to start incorporating it into your daily vocabulary? Do Angelina and Britney (yes, Britney) deserve to be socializing with the likes of Joan of Arc and Margaret Thatcher? And more importantly, which of your favorite “tough broads” did Colbert leave out of his top ten? I personally wouldn’t have minded seeing Sandra Day O’Connor, Cleopatra, or Betty Friedan added to the list. Thoughts?


One thought on “10 Women with “Lady Balls”

  1. The Britney Spears one made me laugh out loud.

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