Airborne a hoax?

I was forwarded this video about Airborne by my brother. Still not sure what to think about it. Anyone have any ideas about Airborne and whether it actually works? I know I think it works, but maybe it’s all in my head. Truthfully, though, even if I’m only feeling like I’m getting better, I think that’s what I mostly care about. My body can do its work fighting off my cold, while I can go on with my day feeling ok. It would be nice not to have to spend $12 on a bottle of Airborne just to psych myself into thinking I’m better! What I’ve really become a fan of recently is Umcka. Look into it! 🙂

This blog was re-posted from Amor Del Mono by Peer-Ed Rosara Torrisi


One thought on “Airborne a hoax?

  1. I do want to believe in Airborne too! I don’t think it cures colds but the extra vitamin C can help prevent them – though maybe some orange juice would do just the same thing. For me, the problem with Airborne is its suggested dosage – every 2 hours or so! Thats like overdosing on vitamins…

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