Feminism, or Unwise Parenting Choice?

Emily Yoffe at Slate (author of Dear Prudence column) has written this piece about mothers having children out of wedlock.   Out-of-wedlock mothers (as it were), who used to be the teens down the street, are more rapidly becoming women aged 25-29 – in essence, Yoffe states, the single mothers are now women who are older enough to know better.  Citing that studies have found that children born to single mothers are vastly more likely to be poor, have behavioral and psychological problems, drop out of high school, and themselves go on to have out-of-wedlock children, Yoffe laments that this may have become acceptable unacceptably and for the wrong reasons.

I think it’s  better (and more just) that morality has (mostly) left the conversation, but perhaps no one stuck around to ask whether or not it was wise.  And that might be the biggest injustice.


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